Nutopia Wiki

THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE---- If the admins of the server have to spend more time on you then the server itself because your trying to flirt around the semantics of the rules you will just be banned. We don't have time to deal with people going out of their way to be difficult. You can dispute decisions provided its fair and reasonable but if your being a pest then prepare to pay the price.

Rule 1: - Bug abuse and exploiting is not on. If you notice a bug you are to report it and not use it for any personal gain or malicious activities.

Rule 2: - Irl threats, doxing or racism in discord is not on. I have no issue with people talking shit and insulting each other as long as those lines are not crossed.

Rule 3: - Greifing in excess eg: Going out of your way to ruin someone’s experience repeatably or continuously. There will always be some forms of griefing between players and there has to be some level of acceptance of this stuff happening on the server, its tibia after all.

--What constitutes greifing--

- Following a player/players around for an extended period of time between spawns trying to block them with mwalls, steal mobs, luring and trying to get them killed. This includes following people to other spawns & being an excessive pest.

- Dragging or blocking a lootable cropse so that the people who rightfully got the kill cant obtain there loot, especially if your not the loot owner.

--What doesn’t constitute greifing--

- Being verbally abused (so long as its not irl, doxing, racist etc) - Competing over a spawn provided that the competition only remains at the spawn and doesn’t involve into point 1 in “what constitutes greifing”. - If your spawn is “crashed” by another player you are entitled to try get them killed if they have pvp off or kill them if they have pvp on provided the conflict ends at that spawn and doesn’t translate into other areas. Don’t follow between spawns. If the spawn is clearly big enough for multiple people then let them hunt and don't grief.

It is up to the decision of the Server Manager as what constitutes greifing and what doesn’t.

Rule 4: - Boting/Macroing - Cave boting either at or away from the PC is strictly against the rules - AFK macroing is strictly against the rules - Auto heal macros, auto targeting macros and things of this nature are against the rules - The use of macros is hard to police. Sometimes macros are used for minor quality of live improvements. You can use some macros provided they aren't automating your char while AFK.

Botting/automated macros are against the server rules. If you are caught cave botting you progress strait to 24 hour ban.

Rule 5: - Admin Abuse Abusing admins, being cunts to them or going out of your way to make their life hard is against the rules.

Rule 6: - 4 chars per IP, you cant use MC's to level chars through tasks or other means simultaneously. This rule is in place so brothers on the same connection or friends can still play.

Rule 7: - Dont complain about dying at bosses you take the risk going their. Its PvP enforced. Having "spy" chars set up at multiple bosses on numerous accounts is against the rules

--General Disciplinary Actions-- - First Official Warning - 24 hour IP Ban - 1 Week IP Ban - Permanent Ban

Rule 8: You are strictly only allowed to have 1 farming plot per person due to how the system works. If you try to obtain more then 1 plot person person you will receive 1 warning with the second plot being deleted. If you do it again you will be banned, we don't have time to be fucking around with this stuff so a 0 tolerance policy will be used after the first warning.